Gondola Shelving Question

I want to make my warehouse easy to use for my employees. There are 1000s of small items that need to be picked and put away many times as quickly as possible. I’ve been looking at gondola shelving, but is that the most durable, most economical choice? – Phil, MO

One Response to “Gondola Shelving Question”

  1. Store Supply Guy says:

    Normally, gondola shelving is used in a retail setting, but it could be useful for a warehouse setting like Phil describes above. As always, every situation is different and will depend on the size of your facility and the type of merchandise you are looking to store on the shelving units.

    Since you are looking to store items in a warehouse that employees are going to be picking and putting away, gondola shelving could be a good option for your facility. There are aisle units that can be configured to have rows going up and down the floor space of your facility. Additionally, wall units can be situated along the wall perimeters to create more storage space. Shelving and bins can be labeled according to your company’s organizing scheme for ease of use by your employees. Gondola shelving is also very durable. The metal that the units are made of is meant to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear and is easy to keep clean.

    The most important concern when using gondola shelving is the weight and size of the product you are attempting to put on the unit. The Madix™ gondola units that Store Supply Warehouse sells have shelving that can support up to 500lbs. There is also an economy line (which has a more economical price) but the shelving only holds up to 150lbs. Additionally, there are only two width sizes for the shelves on both types of unit, 48” and 36”. Obviously it is VERY important to consider these two things because you don’t want to end up with shelving that won’t work with your merchandise or merchandise that won’t work with your shelving.

    The bottom line is that gondola shelving could work in your situation depending on the size and configuration of your facility and the size and type of the product that you are going to store on the unit. It is also an economical choice if you are looking to store a lot of merchandise in an organized way. Good luck in your search for shelving that works for your company!