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Friday Feature Product: Hat/Scarf/Tie/Belt Displays

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Hats, scarves, ties and belts can be tricky to display and more difficult to keep organized. However, these can be great impulse purchases when displayed effectively. These fixtures do not take up very much floor space and can enhance other displays as well. Because hats, scarves, ties and belts are great gifts, think about featuring these accessories for Valentine’s Day.

Some great store fixtures are available that are designed specifically for displaying scarves, belts and ties in an eye catching way. The rotating belt/tie/scarf rack features 20 hooks and stands upright. Customers will be able to view these items from all angles. Ball spiral racks are also optimal for scarves, ties and belts. With 29 chrome balls featured in a spiral figure, no items will be hidden from a customer’s view. Additionally, these fixtures are easy to move and go along well with other retail displays. Try putting them in a high traffic area and see if your sales increase.

29-Ball Spiral Racks Rotating Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks

29-Ball Spiral Rack |     Rotating Belt/Tie/Scarf Racks

There are several varieties of hat displays available to meet your store’s needs. Free standing floor cap towers will add visual dimension to a boring wall. A 12 tier cap tower has the ability to hold 72 hats and a 6 tier cap rack will hold 24 hats. If you’re looking for a countertop hat rack they are available in 2-tier, 3-tier and 4-tier depending on how many caps you wish to display. A 4-tier countertop cap tower is also available.  The difference between racks and towers is that a tower has a front and back and the tiers are stationary, giving it the ability to stand against a wall. The tiers on a cap rack rotate, and therefore must be placed in an area where customers can use the rotating store fixture.

Countertop Cap Towers 4-Tier Floor Standing Cap Racks

Countertop Cap Tower |     4-Tier Standing Cap Rack

If you have wire grid or slatwall, a cap display that attaches to those fixtures may be more suitable and space saving for your store. Additionally, cap sky tiers will save floor space because they attach to existing display racks. And extra revolving cap tiers are available if you want to add more caps to a rack.

Cap Sky Tiers Revolving Extra Cap Tier

Cap Sky Tier |          Extra Cap Tier

Hat racks keep your merchandise in the best selling condition possible. We wouldn’t recommend throwing hats into a dump bin because they could be damaged and will lose their shape.

Also, think about using these apparel accessories on your mannequin displays. For more about mannequins check out this previous blog post: Mannequins.

Friday Feature Product: Greeting Card Racks

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Retail outlets including drug stores, gift shops, mass merchandisers, grocery stores and convenience stores are almost expected to carry greeting cards. Sometimes these are last minute items that people may need to pick up quickly. So, the key is to place greeting cards in a convenient spot in your store.

The Countertop Greeting Card Rack is great for smaller stores. It holds 12 cards and rotates for easy viewing. The 20 Pocket Countertop Post Card Rack is designed specifically for standard 4” x 6” post cards. Each pocket can hold up to 100 post cards.

The Pocket Greeting Card Rack holds 48 greeting cards and rotates. This standing rack will put your cards right in front of your customers for easy selection and increased impulse sales.

Strategically place your greeting card rack in a place where it is easy to find. Because people usually stand around reading cards, try not to clutter the area around the rack. If you have the space, place your rack away from the wall so more than one person may view the cards.