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Catalog 82 Is Here

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Catalog 82 Is Here


Our latest Catalog 82 is here. We are featuring over 200 price cuts on some of our most popular merchandise. The price reductions include basics like bags, tissue paper, packaging, jewelry, tagging and more! Please check out our reduced prices category on our website. We are also featuring a few new items. We have added 7 new colors to our raffia collection. Don’t forget our embellishments and stickers to add to your bags. These are featured in our catalog along with some great ideas for using them. Make sure you join our mailing list to receive your free catalog today!

New Bag Patterns

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

New Bag Patterns


One of the most popular product lines that we offer at Store Supply Warehouse is our shopping bags. We have had a tremendous amount of success adding new styles and colors of our paper and frosty plastic shopping bag lines. To continue this tradition, we have added a brand new set of bag patterns that we are sure you will love.

In addition to this we are also featuring 25 count packs in our popular paper shopping bags and frosty shopping bags.  We will continue to offer them in packs of 100 as well. Now you have an opportunity to try out our new bags in smaller quantities. Our new bag patterns are a fresh take on today’s color and style trends. These bags are very versatile and can be used in a variety of different retail environments. Let’s take the time to highlight all of the new styles.

We have three styles of bags that feature the colors black and white. Black and white is a classic color pallet that never goes out of style. This color pallet works with an array of different tissue paper colors. Try a bright pop of color like fuchsia, orange or green. We are confident that you will fall in love with these styles. Our new bags are called Classic Chevron, Charming Halo and Elegant Swirl.

We have two styles of bags that incorporate a softer color pallet. Little Birdies and Playful Polkadot are great patterns that will look amazing in children’s apparel or gift shops everywhere. These can be used as a beautiful gift bag for a baby shower or a great take away bag for a special event.

We have three whimsical patterns that can really add a spark of color and an interesting take on just a typical patterned bag. These bags are Teardrop, Leafy Dream and Wildflower. The color combinations will absolutely change the way you see traditional shopping bags.

Our last two styles are a kraft style bags. Distressed Damask and Paris Script are two distinct styles that are very graphic and on trend. The Distressed Damask is a take on the popular damask pattern and Paris Script incorporates the Eiffel Tower and French handwriting on all sides of the bag.

Make sure you check out all of our new designs and don’t forget to request a free sample bag today! You now have two chances to win $100 with us on Facebook.  You are automatically entered if you “like” us and if you take our quick survey about your experience with us, this will give you a second chance at winning! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for up to date info on products and retail trends.


Mommy’s Lil Rascals Owner Spotlight

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Mommy’s Lil Rascals

Store Supply Warehouse is proud to introduce you to a business owner who has a commitment to customer service while providing a unique customer shopping experience. The result is Mommy’s Lil Rascals Consignment Store.


Store owner Elizabeth Sowers went into the consignment business as a transition from being an Ebay seller of children’s clothing. She has an extensive background in retail and many years in customer service. She has always had a passion for selling good quality used items for children. It only seemed natural for her to make the transition into opening up a retail store.

Mommy’s Lil Rascals Consignment Store was opened 5 years ago. The name of her business was inspired by her own lil rascals- her children.  The store offers her customers a wide range of quality items for children. She sells new and “pre loved” children’s clothing from sizes ranging from infants all the way to juniors and young men’s. Mommy’s Lil Rascals also sells children’s books, strollers and anything else you my need for your children.

Shopping Experience

Mommy’s Lil Rascals is committed to offering a retail experience that allows them to service their customers individually and provide them with an experience that they wouldn’t normally receive in a retail department store. If someone calls that needs help finding a pair of shoes in a certain size or providing advice on what to purchase a 1 year old, they are happy to give whatever attention is needed to met their customer’s needs. They also offer several amenities to their customers that are unique to their store. They have a fully stocked changing table with diapers and wipes. They also provide a friendly atmosphere for children that include a play area with plenty of toys for them to play with.

Store Design

When Elizabeth decided to open her store, she wanted her customers to be able to walk in and feel happy.  She created an environment that was bright and full of color. She was inspired by researching design elements in magazines, the internet and checking out other consignment stores. One of the first things that she did when designing the store was to make sure that her customers with strollers would be able to maneuver around easily. She also used a variety of store fixtures and displays to achieve a look of organization and cohesiveness without looking cluttered. They use double rail racks with tandom & add on rails in the infant side of the store with basket toppers for miscellaneous items that needed to be kept off the floor. They get the most use of the space for the infant clothing by using add on rails. They have taken the outrigger system and turned it into a top notch retail area for the big kids/teen side. It was important to her that the merchandise displayed well and the result makes the space look very stylized and professional. They also use a combination of round racks and 4 way clothing racks for seasonal items because of their easy set up and removal.

Final Thoughts

Now in its’ 5th year, Mommy’s Lil Rascals is looking forward to the future and beyond. This past year, Elizabeth added business partner Krystal Baeckel who was of significant help to her after the birth of her daughter. She says of her business partner, “I could not have kept the business going without her.” Elizabeth understands the importance of giving back within her community. They have created several $1 clothing sales throughout the year and give all the proceeds to local charities. Elizabeth is obviously a woman with a passion for moms and their children. When I asked her what advice she would give others looking to open a retail business she had one word. The word is research. She went on to explain that although it’s a lot of work, the best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about the business you plan to open. The last thing you want to tell a customer is, “I don’t know”. We think that’s excellent advice!

Please visit Mommy’s Lil Rascals Consignment shop at:

4350 N George St

Manchester PA 17345

On the web:

On Facebook:

Friday Feature Product: Pricing Guns and Sale Labels

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year’s!

Wow its 2010 already. Is your store open today?

More and more stores have kept their doors open on the first day of the New Year, advertising extra savings to rake in shoppers looking for a deal.  Along with the tips from Tuesday about how to maximize after holiday sales, changing the look of your labels along with the discounted price will highlight reductions.

An easy way to draw attention to lower prices on price tags is with a one line pricing gun or a two line pricing gun. Pricing gun kits come with white labels, fluorescent red labels and sale labels. These sticker labels are perfect for going over a paper price tag or another sticker. With a wide selection of pricing gun accessories, stores will be able to find labels that will meet their needs.

SSW 1-Line Labeler Kits SSW Regular Tagging Gun Kits

1-Line Labeler Kits |        Regular Tagging Gun Kits

If you are having a storewide sale, an efficient way to mark all discounted merchandise is with a system using color labels, discount labels or sale labels. For example, you can mark all items that are 30% off with a green colored label and items that are 50% off with a red label. Likewise, you could use discount labels that have 20% Off, 30% Off and 50% Off already printed on for easy markdowns.

Blue Color Labels Discount Sign Kit Plus Labels Sale Labels

Blue Color Labels |           Discount Kit + Labels |           Sale Labels

To totally change your tags use a tagging gun that connects a paper tag to an item with a plastic fastener, refer to previous Friday Feature Product Post Tagging Guns and Accessories.

Tuesday Tip: Folding VS Hanging

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

For retail stores that sell clothing, this may be a question that you have: Should I fold or hang clothing merchandise? Sometimes you have to go with what looks best for your display. We have made a PRO/CON list for each method. Hopefully this will help you make the best decision in your store.

Folding Pros

  • Takes up less room than hanging.
  • No Need for Hangers
  • Easy to store.

Folding Cons

  • Takes more time than hanging.
  • A whole stack can become ruined from people searching for sizes.
  • Requires upkeep throughout the day.
  • May hide sizes.

Hanging Pros

  • Keeps clothing wrinkle free.
  • Minimal upkeep throughout the day.
  • Displays the whole garment.

Hanging Cons

  • Takes up more space.
  • Some garment items need special hangers such as pants and boat neck shirts.
  • Could stretch out knit materials, distorting the shape of the garment.

We recommend using a mix of hanging and folding to add interest and variety in your store. Tier tables and shelves are optimal for folding, whereas racks and hooks are perfect for hanging. Also remember to use a hanger that will display the clothing item the best. For more information about hangers, read our previous Tuesday Tip post “How to Choose the Right Hanger for Your Retail Store.”