Tuesday Tip: How to Resell Shoes

Selling used shoes differs a bit from selling new shoes. Instead of having one shoe on display and then several pairs of the same shoe stored in different sizes, you will have to display all your shoes at once. Here are a few tips that we recommend using when you are reselling shoes in your consignment or second hand shop.

Instead of grouping shoes by type and style, we recommend grouping them by size. Save your customers time by putting all the shoes in their size together. This way, customers can easily locate only the shoes that will fit them. We would still separate mens, womens and childrens shoes into different sections.

Just like other shoe stores, people are going to want to sit down and be comfortable when trying on shoes. Have chairs or stools in place for people to tie laces or buckle straps. Also, have mirrors close to the floor so people won’t have search for a mirror elsewhere.

Have the sizes clearly marked. Even if you have shoes sectioned by size, they are bound to get mixed up after a busy day. Make things easier on yourself and customers by placing a sticker inside of the shoe with the size and price. Also, try using stretch bands to keep the shoes together. This will keep people from walking out unnoticed, as well as keep pairs of shoes with their respected match.

Keep shoe polish on hand when used shoes come in. Sometimes they just need a good shining to make them look like new. Other things like changing out shoe laces or inserting pads in the bottom can make or break a sale.

How do you maximize sales of pre-owned shoes in your store?

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