Welcome to the Store Supply Guy

Welcome to the Store Supply Blog! Sponsored by Store Supply Warehouse, this blog and forum is intended to serve as a valuable resource for the retail industry. We want to cover topics and answer questions that will ultimately help independent retailers be successful.

As an independent retailer, you are the expert in what works and what doesn’t. So please chime in on blog entries, ask questions and submit answers to other retailers’ questions. By pooling our resources, we can help everyone gain success in this struggling economy.

Store Supply Warehouse was founded in 1994 as a wholesaler of store fixtures and supplies to small, independent retailers. We stock and sell more than 1,600 retail fixtures and store supplies, including display cases, racks and shelving, shopping bags, hangers, pricing and tagging guns and mannequins. All products are in-stock in all three warehouses, located in Reno, Nevada, St. Louis, Missouri and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Store Supply’s products are available for purchase through the 80-page catalog, which is updated and distributed three times a year, or online at www.storesupply.com and all orders placed before 3 p.m. receive guaranteed same day shipping. Our main office is located at 9801 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63132. Contact Store Supply directly at 800-823-8887 or by email at contactus@storesupply.com.

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