Brand New Boutique Merchandise

Brand New Boutique Merchandise

Our Boutique line of merchandise has been very popular and successful. We now have an exciting new color addition! The Ivory Collection is here! The new color evokes a cool Mediterranean feeling that will look amazing in your store. We are going to take a few moments to highlight the Ivory Collection offerings.

2-Way Rack

Our Ivory 2 Way Rack features push button adjustment that allows for adjusting the height on the rack from 48” to a maximum height of 72”. This is a great feature because it allows all types of merchandise to be displayed from jeans and t-shirts, swimwear to formal gowns. Whenever you display clothing on a 2 Way Rack, it is always helpful to display it at different sight levels. Whenever you get the opportunity to display clothing on a rack you can trick the customer’s eye into wondering throughout the rack. This will keep the customer’s attention on the merchandise and allow them to take in all the merchandise not just one thing.

3-Way Rack

Our Ivory 3 Way Rack Features the same push button adjustment for height however, this rack has a unique element which is the third arm that comes out from the side arching out to display merchandise for an interesting visual presentation. This rack along with the 2 Way Rack and the remaining Ivory Collection have finials that can be added to the tops of the rack to add even more stylish elements to create a unique look that be changed as often as your merchandise. The finials simply snap into place after you remove the standard square finial from the existing rack.

36” Round Rack

Our Ivory 36” Round Rack offers push button height adjustment from 48-72”.  The round rack also has the option of adding locking or non-locking casters allowing for easy mobility. The round rack can display a lot of merchandise which makes it ideal for sale promotions and clearance. The rack can hold up to 144 garments assuming the garments take up to 1” of space to hang. The legs also collapse into each other for easy storage. The rack also comes standard with 4 small metal risers. The risers allow for the rack to accept round toppers. The toppers allow for the rack to add additional display pieces and merchandise that can further increase sales.

We will continue to highlight additional pieces of the Boutique Ivory Collection later in the week. In the mean time, please visit us on Facebook and Twitter for member exclusives, tips and trends. Drop us a line here on the blog. We love hearing from you.

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