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Boutique Tags are a fun and unique way to personalize your store!

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Boutique Tags are a fun and unique way to personalize your store!

At Store Supply Warehouse we want you to be ready for the upcoming fall and winter holiday seasons. This is a wonderful time of the year to stock up on boutique tags for packaging. They come strung with either a black or white string knotted and ready for use and are sold in boxes of 500. The best part of all is our Boutique Tags are over 40% off with small tags just $4.74 per box and large tags only $6.49.  With beautiful tags available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes these are sure to help kick your creativity into gear.

Our Ornate Oval tags are a great accessory to add a special message to gift boxes. Your customers will appreciate that you took the time to help them create something special.


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Our Oval tags are available in solids and patterns. Add an oval tag for a message or add a custom sticker with your store brand or a special message so that your customers will remember your store and stop by again. You can also add these to our merchandise bags and gift boxes.

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Our final boutique tag style is our scallop. This tag features a scalloped tiered top and beveled bottom. We featured this tag style with our jewelry boxes and curling ribbon. Take the time to make it special and memorable. Everyone appreciates a gift that is custom made just for them. The little extra touches go a long way and leave a lasting impression on your customer and your business.

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You Still Have Time To Prep For Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

You Still Have Time To Prep For Valentine’s Day


You still have time to prep for Valentine’s Day. Just in case you need  a reminder, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, February 14th. As with any other holiday there is always the last minute mad dash to get last minute gifts. For some people, this is the best time to shop for bargains and get the best deals. We have a lot of products available in stock that can be shipped right away and arrive at your doorstep just in time! Here is a short list of Valentine’s Day holiday essentials that you may have need.

1. Frosty Shopping Bags– We have a great selection of frosty shopping bags. These are available in solid colors and prints. We sell our bags in cases of 25 and 100. They feature a 3 mil plastic body and hardboard insert in the bottom for extra stability.

2. Organza Bags– Organza bags are always a great idea for a gift purchase. An organza bag adds a soft, romantic touch to any item that you could traditionally put into a regular paper or plastic bag. Organza bags are great for candles, jewelry, lingerie and other small items. We offer our bags in 3 sizes and are available in 10 different colors.

3. Ribbons, Bows and RaffiaRibbons, bows and raffia can really punch up a package, bag or other gift item. We offer our pull bows, curling ribbon, organza ribbon, satin ribbon and raffia in lots of beautiful colors and finishes. Check out our selection here.

4. Tissue PaperTissue Paper is a great finish for wrapping around gifts inside of apparel boxes or to adds pops of color to shopping bags and gift bags. We offer variety packs, premium solids and prints that will compliment any color.

5. Boxes-We offer all types of different boxes for your gifting needs. We have apparel boxes, gable boxes, bakery boxes, and gift boxes sold in cases and available in different colors and sizes.

7 Days and Counting

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Valentine’s Day is fast approacing!  There are only 7 days until the day of love.   Do you have all of your jewelry displayed for easy access and sales?  We have many bar displays and Valentine’s Day themed boxes that will show off the beauty of your necklaces and bracelets.  The new side profile displays are a more abstract look for your earring and necklace sets.  The 2-Tier Bracelet Display is a great addition to any jewelry display and would also be a good last-minute gift for the lady who has everything, including too many bracelets! 🙂  Don’t forget to order your tissue, ribbon, bags and jewelry boxes for all of your Valentine’s sales!

Everyone Needs Valentine’s Supplies

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

With less than 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day, all retail stores need to think about how they will be displaying and packaging the lovely things that make Valentine’s Day so special.  Here at Store Supply Warehouse, we recommend that you purchase your Valentine’s bags, tissue, jewelry boxes and ribbon as soon as possible.  We have a huge selection of items that will help you package your Valentine’s gifts right.  With our 7 different types of ribbon, new designer jewelry boxes, and many designer bags, you will have no trouble finding something that will enhance the look of your merchandise.

How will you display your rings, necklaces, and earrings to accentuate the beauty of your product?  We have displays in pink, chocolate, linenwhite and black to suite your needs.  Check out our website for more red and pink items to make your store ready for Valentine’s Day!

Gift Certificates and Gold Seals

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Gift Certificates and Gold Seals

As your Christmas holiday season kicks into high gear we want to remind you not to forget a few essentials to enhance your gifts and gift baskets. We also want to remind you of a gift certificate option to provide your customers.

A Gift For You gold cards and seals

These cards and seals have been a staple at Store Supply Warehouse for many years. The simplicity of the phrase has always worked time and time again. These items can be used all year round but they are particularly nice during the Christmas season. The gold cards are a wonder addition to add to gift baskets as well as an add-on accessory for any products in your store that you offer as a pre wrapped set. The gold cards have a white inside that opens up to allow space for writing a special note for the recipient of the gift. We also offer gold elastic ties in several lengths to attach the cards to any merchandise that needs it.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to offer your customer an option to purchase a set dollar amount as a gift that can be used later for merchandise in your store. Gift Certificates are convenient because they are a simple solution to gift giving.  These are also great options for hostess and corporate gifts as well. Gift Certificates are a smart option for you to advertise your store. We offer the gift certificates a number of different ways. We offer them as certificates, certificates and envelopes together and as a super kit. This adds signage that lets your customers know that gift certificates are available for purchase in your store.

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