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Catalog 71 Is Here

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Catalog 71 Is Here

2012 is moving right along. Spring is here and we are ready to get you geared up for the Spring and Summer seasons! Catalog 71 includes over 60 new products!

We have added some more showcase merchandise to our ever changing Closeout Section that includes our entire line of Cherry Showcases offerings in Ready to Assemble and our Metal Framed line. In addition to that, we have also included the florescent light kits and the brass LED light kits. All of this merchandise is being offered at some amazing prices so make sure you check it all out! Quantities are limited and once there gone, there gone.

We have introduced some new products. Some of the highlights include brand new colors and patterns in our paper shopping bag line!  We have added Storm Grey and Shocking Pink as well as new patterns of leopard and zebra print offered in some unexpected fashion colors. We have added new T5 lighting kits for showcases that are significantly brighter than our previous florescent lighting kits. We also have all new plastic top and bottom half forms, mannequin head forms and child forms that will give your new fashions the look you want to get that merchandise sold!

Please take some time to look through our latest catalog cover to cover. We have a new version of our virtual catalog available now. We will be highlighting our new merchandise in future articles to come so please check back with us.

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New Boutique Line Additions

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

New Boutique Line Additions

Catalog 70 includes new additions to our always popular lineup of The Boutique at Store Supply Warehouse fixtures and merchandise displays. The latest offerings do not disappoint.

Women’s Metal Dressform

This is a modern take on a traditional dressmaker form or mannequin. The metal dressform is an exciting way to show off your accessories including scarves, hats shoes and other fashion jewelry. This form is available in two finishes Cobblestone and Ivory. It’s lightweight and sturdy frame will definitely make your customers take a second look at what you have on display. Break away from the traditional scarf rack or floor display rack!

Metal A-frame Signage

The Metal A-frame Sidewalk Signage adds a new twist on the traditional metal A-frame sign and wood frame sign. The Boutique A-frame signs feature the “o” rings of the Ivory collection, the “s” scroll of the Cobblestone collection and the “sleek” silver finish of the Raw Steel collection. All the signs stand approximately 42 ½”H x 21”W. Each one features a box of chalk and a magnetic eraser.

Cheval Floor Mirror

The Cheval Floor Mirrors are a stunning addition. There is no way these mirrors will go unnoticed on your sales floor. They are available in Cobblestone and Ivory finishes. The mirrors are 60” inches tall with am oval mirror surface of 39 ½” x 17” for optimal visual impact. These mirrors belong on your sales floor near dressing room areas or clothing racks. Any customer would be more than delighted to see their next purchase from head to toe looking at one of these. The mirrors are available at a reduced in price of $50 down from $65. Who could pass up that deal?

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A Tale of Three Stores

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

A Tale of Three Stores

by Rich Gordon aka Retail Rich

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  Charles Dickens was right, especially if he were referring to some retailers out there today.

I’ve been visiting a lot of stores lately, especially in Hawaii, St. Louis and the Washington D.C. area.  And I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of retailers in all three cities who don’t belong in business.  But this isn’t what I love to find.  Finding poor retailers just makes me feel sad, and it makes me wonder how many people visit these stores only to think to themselves’, “no wonder I love buying on the internet”.  The fact is, I love it when I find a really good retailer that actually “gets it” and it impresses the heck out of me.

I’ve decided as I’ve visited these stores that there is no way my wife or I will buy anything from any store that can’t acknowledge and make me feel sincerely welcomed in their store.  They don’t know that I write a blog and that I have a broad retail background.  All they know is that I’m a person who may be a potential customer within their store.

The first shop I entered in the Annapolis, Maryland area one Saturday failed right off the bat.  I had to move out of the way of an employee who was hastily making a beeline for the backroom.  No excuse me, good morning or even drop dead.  Just an attitude of, “your in my way” as the employee moved from behind the counter. Judging from the age of this person, they were most likely an employee.  It made me wonder just what the owner feels when their investment, their livelihood, in some cases their very identity is at the mercy of such a poor excuse for help, even if only for a day!  By the way, this person never did say “hello” and they seemed distracted enough, I felt like I should be looking for the self-service checkout line.  As I left, I heard a rather insincere shout out, from the clerk, “thanks”.  I thought, thanks. . . For what?  Thanks for not bothering me?  If you couldn’t say anything to me the entire time I was in your store, why say thanks now that I was walking out the door?  Then it hit me. . . The young indifferent girl was thanking me for leaving and not bothering her anymore.  She might have had to ring me up or answer a question or something!

I got to thinking, what if the owner of this store had just invested in some new mobile messaging technology and I had been texted to entice me into the store?   Could the owner be wondering why they weren’t getting a better response from their investment.  Let me tell you. . .technology won’t solve this kind of problem!

The next store I entered had an older gentleman manning the front counter area.  There was so much merchandise and general junk around the counter, the walls and the floor, that it appeared he had built a small fortress around himself so no customer could see him.  What was he doing back there? Eating, sleeping, playing solitaire?  No one could tell!  Maybe he just wanted customers to feel more hesitant about peeking through the fortress and bugging him.

There were ceiling tiles missing and some of the ones that were there were stained from roof leaks in the past.  I realized no one wants to pay for stained sales tiles and a store are usually at the mercy of the landlord.  How about just painting them white again?  It’s not a big deal! The floors weren’t much better looking, but the merchandise was packed on the shelves and the prices were full boat.  I asked myself, why should I pay full price in this place for anything.  When I couldn’t up with an answer, so I left.

My next store visit was a total accident.  It was an affordable jewelry/gift shop.  We weren’t in the market for either, but through the window it looked bright, interesting, clean and spacious and my curiosity got the best of me.  Boy, was I glad I went in.  My wallet wouldn’t necessarily agree, as it was lightened by a few hundred dollars over the next half hour.

Upon walking in, my wife and I were greeted immediately even though the store’s single salesclerk happened to be leaning over a jewelry counter talking to another customer.  He enthusiastically told us, he would be with us as soon as possible.

After taking care of the other customer, the salesclerk engaged us in conversation, while being interrupted a couple of times by a phone caller.  In both cases, the salesclerk excused himself and answered the phone, only to tell the caller he would need to take their name and number and call them back as soon as possible.  This clerk understood that the person who has actually taken the time and trouble to go to your store comes first and foremost.. . . Hallelujah!

The amazing thing about this person was that after engaging us in conversation, he asked my wife if she was familiar with a particular new line of jewelry he had started to carry. He enthusiastically led her and I over to an attractive well-lighted counter.  The jewelry involved silver and a variety of interchangeable precious and semi-precious stones.  He explained the line as well as the catalogue and how the pricing worked.  He provided just the right balance of creating interest, product information, genuine friendliness and helpfulness.  He wasn’t pushy, but positive. He sensed when we wanted to be left alone to look and consider our possible purchase.  He provided an incentive to purchase more, but provided the offer as information as opposed to some hard selling tactic.

In the end, my wife was happy and the store had a few hundred additional sales dollars added to the till.  The clerk explained the warranty to us once again, as well as how to access any help.  He handed us his business card and told us about the company website while capturing our contact information. He gave us a couple of care tips, while giving my wife a free polishing cloth. He thanked us for the business and recommended a good place to go eat lunch.

Good customer service starts with acknowledging there is a person in your store, not ignoring them or hoping they won’t bother you.  Most owners know this, but they often have no clue as to what their people are really doing.  Some owners understand the importance of customers, but still take them for granted, or they assume that if the customer wants something they’ll get the clerk or the storeowner. They deserve your respect and attention, especially over that of a phone caller.  Everyone would do well to remember that customers are people who deserve your respect until they give you reason to think otherwise.  They are people who have gone to the expense to drive, walk or both to your place of business and give you a shot at some of their hard earned money.  They are physically at your place of business and you have invited them in by the mere fact that you are in business. If you don’t treat these people with basic respect and can’t talk to them and truly serve them, they will probably continue to shop, but possibly elsewhere.  Maybe  they’ll shop online, only you’ll never know what they did or how much they spent.  They may spend less online or they might not, but you didn’t give them any reason to buy from you, not even “friendliness.”

This is the way it’s supposed to be.  Which tale is your store closer to?

©2011 Retail Redefined and All rights reserved.

Strung Paper Tag Assortments

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Strung Paper Tag Assortments

Our customers have requested on more than one occasion that we carry some alternatives outside of the standard white scalloped edged blank strung merchandise tags. To answer this request we have added an exciting new line of paper tags to our ever changing inventory.

We are proud to introduce you to our latest merchandise tag offerings, the Strung Paper Tag Assortments. These merchandise tags have been added to our ever expanding Boutique line. The paper tag assortment is the first of its kind for our company. We are currently offering four different styles to choose from. Each set of 500 comes with 5 different patterns and or colors of 100 each for variety. The strung tags are blank on the back for easy personalization or pricing. The overall size of the tags measure 1 1/16” wide by 1 5/8” high.

The first set is the Black and White Country French prints. These prints include 5 different patterned styles that will compliment your store’s black and white color scheme, Country French or Parisian inspired décor.

The second set is the Damask print. These prints include 5 different patterned styles that will compliment coordinate with a variety of color schemes while staying true to the damask style. Damask is a traditional print that continues to become fresh and new with on trend colors and styling. Damask has again taken its place in the spotlight of mainstream décor options.

The third set is the Pink Designer print. These tags include 5 different patterns inspired by the color pink. Pink has become an on trend color for the last few years now. When paired with contracting dark colors like chocolate brown or black, pink takes on a new dimension. The bold, fresh take on the color pink is an inviting addition to this collection.

Lastly we have the Zebra Print tags. These merchandise tags are offered in a variety of different colors while being paired with the color black. Each of the tags features a zebra pattern that is sure to satisfy your need for animal print! Animal print is another style option that has once again reemerged over the last few years and has taken over mainstream fashion and décor once again. The twist here is that with a bold and unconventional color palette, the look is fresher than ever.

We are always excited to hear from you so please drop us a note on the blog or stop by Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, tips and member exclusives!

Brand New Boutique Merchandise

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Brand New Boutique Merchandise

Our Boutique line of merchandise has been very popular and successful. We now have an exciting new color addition! The Ivory Collection is here! The new color evokes a cool Mediterranean feeling that will look amazing in your store. We are going to take a few moments to highlight the Ivory Collection offerings.

2-Way Rack

Our Ivory 2 Way Rack features push button adjustment that allows for adjusting the height on the rack from 48” to a maximum height of 72”. This is a great feature because it allows all types of merchandise to be displayed from jeans and t-shirts, swimwear to formal gowns. Whenever you display clothing on a 2 Way Rack, it is always helpful to display it at different sight levels. Whenever you get the opportunity to display clothing on a rack you can trick the customer’s eye into wondering throughout the rack. This will keep the customer’s attention on the merchandise and allow them to take in all the merchandise not just one thing.

3-Way Rack

Our Ivory 3 Way Rack Features the same push button adjustment for height however, this rack has a unique element which is the third arm that comes out from the side arching out to display merchandise for an interesting visual presentation. This rack along with the 2 Way Rack and the remaining Ivory Collection have finials that can be added to the tops of the rack to add even more stylish elements to create a unique look that be changed as often as your merchandise. The finials simply snap into place after you remove the standard square finial from the existing rack.

36” Round Rack

Our Ivory 36” Round Rack offers push button height adjustment from 48-72”.  The round rack also has the option of adding locking or non-locking casters allowing for easy mobility. The round rack can display a lot of merchandise which makes it ideal for sale promotions and clearance. The rack can hold up to 144 garments assuming the garments take up to 1” of space to hang. The legs also collapse into each other for easy storage. The rack also comes standard with 4 small metal risers. The risers allow for the rack to accept round toppers. The toppers allow for the rack to add additional display pieces and merchandise that can further increase sales.

We will continue to highlight additional pieces of the Boutique Ivory Collection later in the week. In the mean time, please visit us on Facebook and Twitter for member exclusives, tips and trends. Drop us a line here on the blog. We love hearing from you.