Friday Featured Product: Security Cameras

When you suspect an employee of stealing, sometimes it can be hard to gather enough evidence to fire or prosecute them. Stopping theft before it starts is always the ideal situation, but what do you do when you know it is occurring? Speculating and firing someone without proof could be unfounded and you could potentially lose a good employee. Sometimes you need to install security cameras in order to stop a thief in their tracks.

Sometimes employees just need a little reminder that you can always be watching. If you just want cameras as a reminder to be honest, you can install simulated security cameras. These cameras look exactly like functioning security cameras, they just don’t actually record. Many of these models even have function blinking red light. They even can work off of standard AA batteries so you do not need wiring. Simulated cameras come in a variety of models including dome cameras, mini cameras and weather resistant outdoor cameras.

If you need a working system, new cameras work off a DVR system, allowing you to keep footage electronically. You can automatically set these systems to record at certain times. They can be backed up on USB and connect to any computer. Plus you can even monitor the footage from any smart phone, allowing you to literally be in your store at any time.

Hopefully you will never need to use this footage. But just in case, having a surveillance system will help keep your store safe and may help reduce theft.

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2 Responses to “Friday Featured Product: Security Cameras”

  1. Employee theft is one of many reasons to have a surveillance system installed. There are also issues of liability and protecting other assets as well. There are many ways a solution can be implemented and a number of decisions would have to be made about the systems.

    In particular is camera selection and camera placement. Which camera is the right one to choose? Where do the cameras need to go? A professional installation requires that you look very closely at this. If done in the wrong way it can make the system essentially useless.

  2. Store Supply Guy says:

    Peter brings up a good point about camera placement. Not too many of us are professional videographers, so it is probably a wise idea to get some outside opinions on the placement of the cameras. You want to record at optimum levels, and placing them in strategic places around your store is essential. A professional installer will help you to place your cameras so that they record in the places they need to record, so you don’t lose footage that could help prevent theft in your store.