Get Organized For The Holidays

Get Organized For The Holidays 


It’s never too late to get what you need at Store Supply Warehouse. This time of the year, staying organized is key. Here are a few suggestions to make this last week of holiday shopping keep you ahead of the game.

1. Hangers- This is something you must have on hand and never seem to have enough of. If you find yourself restocking your racks with more merchandise, make sure you pick up some extra cases of hangers. We have all sorts of styles and options that will work with any budget.

2. Counterfeit Pin-We have two different types of counterfeit pins. We have a basic pen that leaves a dark mark if the bill is counterfeit. Our other pin the Sure ‘N Fast detector is the ONLY pen that detects bills printed on a variety of different paper types including recycled and newspaper. It works on domestic and foreign currency.

3. Shopping Basket Set- A shopping basket is always a good idea to have for customers. Customers love the convenience of having something to place their merchandise into and typically if they have a basket they tend to purchase more. We have two different options. Our plastic set has 12 baskets ,a metal stand and sign card available in red or blue. Our metal basket set is available in a black finish with rubberized handles, metal stand and sign card.

4. Gift Certificate Kits- Gift Certificates are a great alternative for people who aren’t sure what to get that special someone on their list. A gift certificate is the perfect way to  let the person receiving it pick what they like. Our certificate kits include 100 gift certificates and 100 envelopes for. $17.95.

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