Get Your Store Ready For Spring With Our Jewelry Pricecuts!

Get Your Store Ready For Spring With Our Jewelry Pricecuts!  

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After the long winter we’ve had with record cold temperatures and snowfall, we are more than ready to welcome Spring. Spring is the perfect time to show off all your new merchandise. This is the perfect time to update your jewelry displays or add more pieces to your collection. We are offering great price reductions on over 150 of our jewelry display pieces throughout our catalog and website.

We have a lot of basic jewelry displays pieces that we are sure will make your jewelry look it’s best and at prices that will be difficult to pass up! We have our jewelry displays placed conveniently into categories can be found here. We have all sorts of jewelry boxes available in different sizes and colors. These black leatherette clam shell designs will make your jewelry presentation look professional and highlight the product inside. Don’t forget to check out our three tier displays in black and white. If a textured or more modern look is what you’re seeking for your displays, we have them in linen, chocolate and pink. Using a three tier jewelry display for necklaces and bracelets is a great choice if you have a lot of jewelry to show. This is really handy for shows or if you have limited counter space.  All of our jewelry displays look great when you mix and match different colors to create different looks.

If you are looking for even more savings, check out our Closeout Section on our website. These items are available for a limited time and once they are gone they will not be back. Shop now for best selection!

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