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We have been talking about the Back To School retail season on the blog and why it’s important it is to get ready for it. Hangers are one of the essential parts of your store supply checklist if you sell apparel. We offer all kinds of hangers from white plastic hangers to sophisticated wooden ones. Here is a hangers types that you may be interested in.

Plastic Hangers come in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices. We have plastic dress hangers available in 10, 14 and 17″ sizes.  We offer 8″, 11 and 12 plastic hangers for pants and skirts. These hangers are available in cases of 100 to 250 per case depending on the style. Plastic hangers are economical and suitable for a wide range of retail needs.

Wood Hangers are a stylish and sophisticated way to display your merchandise. We have a variety of colors available in cases of 50. Each of these finishes are available for 17″dress and 14″pant hangers. We also offer oak hangers for outerwear, suit and children’s clothing.

Boutique Hangers add an extra style element to your clothing. Our damask hangers are exclusive to Store Supply Warehouse and feature a damask influenced cut out design. Try using these types of hangers with blouses or intimate apparel. They are offered in pink or black for tops or bottoms in cases of 50.

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