Open Signs

Red / Blue Oval LED  Open SignOne of the most necessary things for any store to have is an open sign. We recommend a sign that can either be turned on and off or be switched so that it is extremely obvious to shoppers when your store is open. Especially for storefronts that are in strip malls or have sidewalk traffic, an effective open sign draws customers in and convinces them you are ready for business.

The best option is by far is the neon or LED signs that light up. These signs come in a variety of shapes including square, oval and vertical. The lights guide customers to your business and tell them from even far away that your store is either open or closed. Light up signs encourage drop in traffic, especially during “off times” or on Sundays and holidays when some stores are closed.

If you don’t want a lit open sign, or if you business is in an area that has regulations against lit signs, there are many traditional open sign options. One of our favorite options is the sliding open and closed sign. A panel slides back and forth to tell your customers if you are open or closed. Plus, there is space to list your hours of operation or other messages.

Sliding  Open Signs

Horizontal Sliding Open and Closed Sign

Other options include outdoor or indoor flags that will make sure customers know that you are open for business. And don’t forget to try out other lights and signs as well to welcome customers into your store.

What type of open and closed signs do you use?

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