Strung Paper Tag Assortments

Strung Paper Tag Assortments

Our customers have requested on more than one occasion that we carry some alternatives outside of the standard white scalloped edged blank strung merchandise tags. To answer this request we have added an exciting new line of paper tags to our ever changing inventory.

We are proud to introduce you to our latest merchandise tag offerings, the Strung Paper Tag Assortments. These merchandise tags have been added to our ever expanding Boutique line. The paper tag assortment is the first of its kind for our company. We are currently offering four different styles to choose from. Each set of 500 comes with 5 different patterns and or colors of 100 each for variety. The strung tags are blank on the back for easy personalization or pricing. The overall size of the tags measure 1 1/16” wide by 1 5/8” high.

The first set is the Black and White Country French prints. These prints include 5 different patterned styles that will compliment your store’s black and white color scheme, Country French or Parisian inspired décor.

The second set is the Damask print. These prints include 5 different patterned styles that will compliment coordinate with a variety of color schemes while staying true to the damask style. Damask is a traditional print that continues to become fresh and new with on trend colors and styling. Damask has again taken its place in the spotlight of mainstream décor options.

The third set is the Pink Designer print. These tags include 5 different patterns inspired by the color pink. Pink has become an on trend color for the last few years now. When paired with contracting dark colors like chocolate brown or black, pink takes on a new dimension. The bold, fresh take on the color pink is an inviting addition to this collection.

Lastly we have the Zebra Print tags. These merchandise tags are offered in a variety of different colors while being paired with the color black. Each of the tags features a zebra pattern that is sure to satisfy your need for animal print! Animal print is another style option that has once again reemerged over the last few years and has taken over mainstream fashion and décor once again. The twist here is that with a bold and unconventional color palette, the look is fresher than ever.

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