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Holiday Visual Merchandising

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Holiday Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising has always been an important part of retail store design. A well put together window display has the ability to bring customers inside and can also serve to highlight seasonal merchandise. Christmas is the biggest holiday season of the year. This makes it the perfect time to consider doing some smart and innovative things in your window display. If you don’t have an open window display you may even consider designating a place on your sales floor to show off your seasonal best! We recommend having a variety of styles and poses to really catch the attention of your customers. Our mannequins feature styles that are on trend and are easy to assemble. Check out our wide selection of mannequins here.

We have included some fun holiday ideas below that we hope inspire you to consider doing something fun in your store.

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Get A Boutique Look For a Low Price

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Get A Boutique Look For a Low Price

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There is nothing that can help you make a statement more beautifully than fixtures and supplies for your store. A good color palette and the right items can really make a positive statement for your brand. Store Supply Warehouse has a wide selection of merchandise with a boutique sensibility at prices that are a lot less than what you would expect to pay! Our boutique selection of merchandise works well with all types of decor.

We have some beautiful products that we have featured before on our blog that we know would be a great fit for your store or your next truck show!

Boutique Mannequins 

Our boutique mannequins are available in white and black. They feature a contemporary, glossy look that can be displayed with or without a wig. Your clothing will make a bold statement on these mannequins. Check out all of our selection here.

Jewelry Displays 

Jewelry displays are an easy way to show all of your jewelry or use them to feature a few key pieces. Our side profile necklace displays are available in black and white. They offer a sophisticated look that compliments any style of jewelry. We have these available at prices starting under $10 each! Don’t forget our black leatherette necklace, bracelet and earring displays.


Our boutique packaging offers sleek designs that are on trend and fashion forward. We have a variety of patterns to choose from like our zebra and elegant swirl. All of our printed tissue designs can be seen here. We have lots of packaging materials  from pull bows to raffia. Printed tags are always a great add-on. They feature a fun design on the front and blank on the back. You can use them to put whatever message you would like for your customers to see. Zebra print  and damask are still popular choices for shopping bags. Make sure you pick up all of these items and make an amazing impact!

Huge Temporary Price Cuts And Closeouts

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Huge Temporary Price Cuts And Closeouts


We are currently offering some amazing discounts and closeouts on store essentials that we are sure you will be excited to take advantage of. We want you stock up on these items now while they are priced to move. We are also closing out items that will be available for a limited time. Once the stock is gone, these products will no longer be available. Here are some of the featured items we want you to take notice of!

Reduced Prices 

We have been telling you from time to time here on the blog about our price reductions. We have been very swift in reducing pricing on merchandise so that you can stock up or perhaps try something new for the first time. We have lowered pricing on all sorts of product including paper merchandise bags, display cases, packaging ribbon, colored mannequins and more.


Our closeout section is always changing and we have included some merchandise with pricing reduced at 50% off the original price. These items will not be around for long at these prices so we encourage you to take a look at some of these items and get them now! These items include mannequin heads, glossy silver and gold female leg forms, lavender female mannequin, our male lower plastic torso form, assorted colors of pealized raffia, frosted holiday bags and more.

New Glossy Mannequins

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

New Glossy Mannequins

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Fall is coming soon and we are ready to bring you the latest in on trend, fashion forward mannequins. Store Supply offers lots of options in the way of mannequins. We have all types of mannequins that will fit into your budget and merchandising needs. Our latest offering includes some of the most bold color choices and unique styling that we’ve ever carried.

All of our new mannequins are plastic and lightweight. They are very easy to assemble and changing clothing is a breeze. Each of the mannequins has a back leg or under foot mount with either glass or metal base. Each mannequin has a fixed position and “egg head” faces. The glossy finishes on the mannequins give them an edgy, custom look that will make any clothing stand out. Combine the colors to create your own fashion forward statement within your retail space.



Back To School With Store Supply

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Back To School With Store Supply

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Back to School season is always an exciting time to show off your latest Fall fashions! This year, make sure your window display is at its best with some of our mannequins. We have a large selection of the latest trends in full body mannequins, half body and children’s styles. We have the best prices too. Check out our child flexible mannequins starting at $57.00. We offer 3 month, 1, 5 and 7 year old styles. Check out this video featuring these. Perhaps it can help you to find some inspiration and get your merchandise moved out of the store lighting fast!

We also have some great cameo mannequins. Cameo mannequins are a great choice when you want to highlight your clothing while keeping the display neutral. Our cameo mannequins feature an edgy style with molded hair and fashionable poses just right for men and women’s apparel.

If you would like some more inspiration on visual merchandising ideas, check out our Visual Merchandising board on Pinterest!