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Holiday Visual Merchandising

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Holiday Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising has always been an important part of retail store design. A well put together window display has the ability to bring customers inside and can also serve to highlight seasonal merchandise. Christmas is the biggest holiday season of the year. This makes it the perfect time to consider doing some smart and innovative things in your window display. If you don’t have an open window display you may even consider designating a place on your sales floor to show off your seasonal best! We recommend having a variety of styles and poses to really catch the attention of your customers. Our mannequins feature styles that are on trend and are easy to assemble. Check out our wide selection of mannequins here.

We have included some fun holiday ideas below that we hope inspire you to consider doing something fun in your store.

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Flexible Children’s Mannequins

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Flexible Children’s Mannequins

Our flexible children’s mannequins are some of the most popular mannequins we carry within our line of display products. We carry 4 different mannequins designed for children from age 3 months to 7 years old. The bendable mannequins are easy to assemble and come with the option of using a head or a silver finial for the top of the unit. The mannequins can be posed in multiple ways and feature a unisex design. They present very well in boys and girls clothing.  These mannequins can be pinned with t-pins or brass pins. They make beautiful window displays. Here, we show you the features of our children’s mannequins in our video. Please take a look and see how wonderful these mannequins are.