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Holiday Visual Merchandising

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Holiday Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising has always been an important part of retail store design. A well put together window display has the ability to bring customers inside and can also serve to highlight seasonal merchandise. Christmas is the biggest holiday season of the year. This makes it the perfect time to consider doing some smart and innovative things in your window display. If you don’t have an open window display you may even consider designating a place on your sales floor to show off your seasonal best! We recommend having a variety of styles and poses to really catch the attention of your customers. Our mannequins feature styles that are on trend and are easy to assemble. Check out our wide selection of mannequins here.

We have included some fun holiday ideas below that we hope inspire you to consider doing something fun in your store.

mannequins (2)

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All New Products

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

All New Products

We have a brand new catalog and with that comes new product. We have over 200 new items that we can’t wait for you to see. We are going to highlight a few of them now.



Holiday bags during the Christmas season adds such a nice touch that your customers will love. We know they will work great in any type store. We’ve added two new styles Large Hearts and Trees which features a vibrant whimsical pattern and Vintage Christmas which is a nod to a more vintage style of Christmas. Both are brown Kraft style paper shopping bags with a color pattern.

Pull Bows

Our pull bows were introduced last year however we have added several new colors to our line up. Our new colors include lime, burgundy and orange just to name a few. They are sold in packs of 50 for 14.75 per pack. That breaks down to just .30 each!

Tissue Paper

We have a whole new line up of tissue papers available in solids and patterns. In addition to adding in new colors and styles, we now offer them in packs of 120 sheets. We have all of our tissue priced out very affordable starting at $8.50 per pack for solids and 19.50 for patterns. Make sure you pick up some of each and mix and match them for a unique look!


Our tulle has been one of our best sellers in our packaging collections. We know you love it so much that we’ve added some fun new colors. We now have black, turquoise, tan and lemon yellow. We want you to get them all and at $1.95 for 25 yards we are sure you will get one of each!

Please visit our Pinterest boards for product ideas and inspiration. You now have two chances to win $100 with us on Facebook. You are automatically entered if you “like” us and if you take our quick survey about your experience with us, this will give you a second chance at winning! Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Google+ for up to date info on products and retail trends.

Tuesday Tip: Prepare for the Holidays

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

It’s better to start planning for the holidays early than to frantically throw things together a week before. And the better prepared you are, the higher the return will be in holiday sales. We recommend using what works, but remember that there is always room for improvement. Think about incorporating some of these tips in your holiday routine, you may wonder why you weren’t doing them all along.

Get your employees excited about the holiday happenings in your store. Employees can be some of your best customers, walking displays and talking endorsements, so use them! Offer incentives for employees and reward those that go beyond the call of duty. Even encouraging words will let your staff know that you are behind them and there for support. Happy employees will rub off and translate into happy customers.

Set-up holiday advertising initiatives and budgets early. If you haven’t already, compare your past advertising budgets to the season’s profits and determine the most successful opportunities. Get in touch with advertising representatives and get estimated pricing so you know your options.

Stock up on gift cards. Last year retail saw around 40 billion in gift card sales. Refer to past StoreSupplyGuy blog article, Making a Profit with Gift Certificates, for more helpful tips.

Conduct a sweep of your store. It’s a little late for spring cleaning, but the more organized your store is, the smoother you holidays will be. Hopefully your store will see a great deal in foot traffic this season, so give your customers the best impression you can by maintaining a clean, attractive store.

What have you found works well for getting ready for the holiday season?