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Friday Featured Product: Security Systems

Friday, July 17th, 2009

The presence of security devices in a retail store is proven to help prevent thefts. Security devices such as mirrors and anti theft door security systems will help keep your merchandise from walking out the front door.

You want things to fly off your shelves. But those items need to stop at the register instead of going straight into a purse or backpack. By installing certain items that increase the presence of security devices, you can keeps theft at bay. And you don’t need to break the bank.

Security mirrors placed in corners and around high priced items will allow you to see these areas from the counter area and will make customers aware that you are watching them. Security mirrors are fairly inexpensive and have no carrying costs, so we would recommend that almost every store use these.

Another way to protect your merchandise is through anti theft door systems. These sensors detect when items are removed from a store when the accompanying tag on an item has not been removed or deactivated by a sales associate.

Door sensors are extremely effective, but for some stores they may be cost prohibitive. There are alternatives such as simulated door sensors and tags. These faux sensors appear to function exactly like the real version, so they have the same theft deterrent value as the real thing. However, if someone is courageous and still walks out the front door, it will not activate the alarm.

Small items such as simulated door sensors and corner mirrors will help keep theft in check and keep you from losing merchandise.

What security products does your store use?