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Friday Feature Product: Mobile Displays

Friday, August 21st, 2009

When you are out at local events, make your business stand out from the rest by creating eye catching displays in your designated spot or booth. Some things to find out before the event are how much space you will have, if tables and chairs are provided and the set up and pack up times.

Traveling with displays that are easy to store and move will make things much easier when you are at events. Salesman Rolling Racks are perfect for keeping clothing items organized and visible. The racks feature industrial casters so you can simply roll and lock them in their place. They are durable for everyday use and easy to transport.

Dump tables and other large display items are usually too heavy and bulky to take on the go. A Wire Folding Dump Table is a great alternative. It easily folds and wire is much lighter than other materials for transport. Other wire displays like baskets and shelves are also great for events.

Also, countertop displays and risers can help create eye catching table displays as well. These displays create height layers that enhance the real estate on the back of your table in order to maximize your space.

Just remember that you should have an extra set of hands to help you load and unload so that you don’t have to leave your merchandise behind while you are in the middle of transporting it.

What type of display fixtures do you use when you’re out promoting your store?

Friday Featured Product: Security Cameras

Friday, July 24th, 2009

When you suspect an employee of stealing, sometimes it can be hard to gather enough evidence to fire or prosecute them. Stopping theft before it starts is always the ideal situation, but what do you do when you know it is occurring? Speculating and firing someone without proof could be unfounded and you could potentially lose a good employee. Sometimes you need to install security cameras in order to stop a thief in their tracks.

Sometimes employees just need a little reminder that you can always be watching. If you just want cameras as a reminder to be honest, you can install simulated security cameras. These cameras look exactly like functioning security cameras, they just don’t actually record. Many of these models even have function blinking red light. They even can work off of standard AA batteries so you do not need wiring. Simulated cameras come in a variety of models including dome cameras, mini cameras and weather resistant outdoor cameras.

If you need a working system, new cameras work off a DVR system, allowing you to keep footage electronically. You can automatically set these systems to record at certain times. They can be backed up on USB and connect to any computer. Plus you can even monitor the footage from any smart phone, allowing you to literally be in your store at any time.

Hopefully you will never need to use this footage. But just in case, having a surveillance system will help keep your store safe and may help reduce theft.

Friday Featured Product: Display Mirrors

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

A buyer always wants to try on items before they purchase them. For jewelry and apparel retailers like Kerry Cottage, key supplies to have in your store are display mirrors.

You should strategically place mirrors next to jewelry counters, hat displays, clothing, sunglass displays and anywhere you have wearable merchandise. These are especially important if you do not have dressing rooms in your store.

Tilting mirrors and easel mirrors are ideal for sitting on counters. Tilting mirrors can adjust to the customer’s height whereas easel mirrors stay stationary. You should keep the height of your counter in mind when choosing a mirror. If the counter is very short, a tilting mirror might be more effective than an easel mirror.  If you sell shoes, we recommend a floor easel mirror to make shoe merchandise easy to view.

Hanging mirrors come with a convenient, universal mount that fits slatwalls or wire grids. These mirrors should be on walls or columns next to clothing. People try on jackets, sweaters and anything they can fit over their clothes in the main part of a store. Don’t just have these mirrors on the outside walls of your store. If you can, try and incorporate them within the store for easy access.

Turntable mirrors bring immediate attention to your gifts, jewelry, cosmetic or any small, light weight merchandise. There are no messy wires and can operate for days on a single D-size battery. This is a way you can feature special products and sales. We recommend switching out your merchandise on the turntable. Don’t let an item become stale.

Remember to think like your customers. Look at every area of your store from a customer’s prospective. Anywhere that someone may be tempted to try something on, make sure there is a mirror close. By having mirrors placed strategically throughout your store, you will entice customers to buy extra items such as jewelry, sunglasses and jackets.

Friday Featured Product: Dump Bins

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

In keeping with our sale’s theme this week, we wanted to highlight dump bins and their role in stores for sales and for regular merchandise displays. Dump bins are very good for holding sales items because of their elevated sides. Plus they are compact and easy to store, allowing you to keep them in your back room in a corner when not in use.

Folding dump tables are probably the most useful for sales. They have deep bins, yet the legs fold under for storage. One of the best parts about these tables is that they can be easily divided so each clothing size is kept separate.

To store everyday merchandise, we recommending looking into wire dump bins for their versatility and flexibility. Great for specials, closeouts, seasonal merchandise and everyday items. Ten eye-catching baskets invite browsing and buying and they are easy to stock and easy to reposition to take advantage of traffic. These types of bins include:

So feel free to stock stuffed animals and giant bouncy balls finally have a place. Look into purchasing some of these racks to help break up the monotony of shelving and standard racks in your store.

Friday Featured Product: Gift Packaging

Friday, May 15th, 2009

On Tuesday, we discussed the benefits of starting a gift certificate program at your store. But what about the person that purchases merchandise for their loved ones? Oftentimes, people are in a rush and would like to get a gift, packaging and wrap all in one place. So today we are going to discuss the different options in gift packaging.

First you need to decide if you are going to offer gift wrap as an additional or complimentary service. Many stores will offer it for free around the holidays to woo in customers. If you have the space, the resources and the man power, it might not be a bad idea to throw this service in on the house after a certain purchase point.

If you are doing gift wrap for free, the most cost effective solution is to purchase gift boxes in bulk and then have several large rolls of gift wrap on hand. The gift wrap you choose says a lot about your store. So it is better to err on the conservative side in higher end stores. We recommend solid gold or silver paper or even gold or silver striped paper. This style of paper is versatile for weddings, birthdays or shower presents. But don’t be afraid to have a little fun, especially if you are a store that caters to children. Choose paper the compliments your store’s logo and design.

Retail gift wrap comes in half ream rolls, so you will want to invest in a gift wrap dispenser. These stands protect your paper, make it extremely easy to measure and cut, and come in a variety of sizes to hold either one or multiple rolls. Then purchase ribbon and tags as the finishing touch to your packaging.

If you aren’t planning on offering gift wrap, another option is to stock wrapping supplies such as gift bags and tissue paper. Then keep these items near the counter and train your sales staff to ask customers if they would like to add gift wrapping supplies to their order.

Another way to do gift wrap is to having shopping bags that can double as gift bags. Victoria’s Secret has perfected this idea by placing every item in a gift bag with their signature pink tissue paper. Glossy euro totes and frosted shopping bags are both good options if going this route.

Just remember, by offering gift wrapping options at your store, you are helping your customers and keeping profits in your store.

How do you handle gift wrapping in your retail store?