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Summertime Essentials

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Summertime Essentials 

Summertime Essentials

Summertime is in full swing and we want to make sure you are able to draw attention your summer inventory!  With popular holidays like 4th of July coming up, we want you to take advantage of the opportunity to move your summer merchandise out the door. Here are some of our top picks for helping you showcase your merchandise.

Sale Signage

Draw your customers’ attention with sale signage!

We offer sale signage that will work for all types of store décor from boutique to farmhouse chic. We carry popular signs in sizes 5” x 7”, 7” x 11”, and 8 ½” x 11” and are sold in packs of 25. Our boutique signage has several patterns that coordinate well with other accessories throughout our boutique lines. Also, we have a new line of lightweight sign holders that take up very little space. Our new sign holders start at $1.45 per piece.

Wall Mount Fixtures

Let your summer merchandise shine on wall mount fixtures!

One of the most effective ways to show off seasonal or limited quantity merchandise is by creating a feature wall to showcase your merchandise. An inexpensive way to achieve this is to install wall mount fixtures. We offer several different styles and finishes ranging from basic chrome to popular boutique finishes, such as cobblestone and ivory. Our wall mounts are the perfect fit to show off accessories like bags, sunglasses, and hats. They are easy to install and flexible to use throughout your space.

Tags, Embellishments, and Shopping Bags

Add some variety to your summer packaging for a lasting impression!

The summer season creates the perfect opportunity to change your packaging style. Try switching to a fun color or print just for the summer months. Add personal touches like our embellishments that feature the words Thank You, Come Again, and Enjoy.

Acrylic Riser Ideas

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Acrylic Riser Ideas

This is the time of the year where presentation is everything! Here at Store Supply Warehouse, we want to you to arm yourself with the best tips and trends out there to help your products get displayed with style and go right out the door! This is a great video outlining how to display product using acrylic risers. These risers can be used above or below a table covering. They are lightweight and easy to set up. They can be used right side up or turned to the side or down for you product displays. Get some inspiration and get creative. There are so many possibilities.

Tuesday Tip: Choosing the Right Materials

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The materials you choose to display your merchandise can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your store. Because it can be expensive upgrading to new materials, it is important to make thoughtful decisions for timeless displays.

With so many store fixtures available, sometimes the hardest decision is choosing the best materials to use in your store. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the glass, metal, wire, wood and slatwall options out there, but by asking yourself a few key questions will help narrow down your search to the perfect fixture material.

1) What are you looking for in functionality?
You can answer this question by thinking about the merchandise you have and visualize it displayed in your store. Do you see things hanging? Stacked? By itself or with similar items? Also, keep in mind that accessories can be added to displays such as baskets and shelves.

2) What look and feel do you want for your store?

Here, you should keep your customers’ tastes in mind. For discount shoppers, wire bins, dump tables and sale signs are attractive. If you are going for a more modern, upscale look, sleek lines and darker materials may be a better fit. Another thing to consider is that many materials come with finishing options.

3) How often do you want to change your displays?
Some materials are easier to move and change than others. For example, metal gondolas are much heavier material than wire and wood, so they are better for permanent displays. Also keep in mind that many wire and slatewall fixtures are available with wheels to use anywhere in your store, whereas glass and metal displays stay standard.

If you are still unsure, get ideas from other stores that you like or pull pictures out of magazines for design options. Remember that you will most likely use these fixtures for years, so plan for the future.

What type of display materials do you use and why did you choose that material?

Friday Feature Product: Countertop Displays

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Your countertop display can be a focal point in your store and it is a great way to highlight smaller products. Every retailer should make good use of their countertop. You might be surprised that just by moving a product in front of your customers’ eyes will increase impulse sales.

Choosing the right display can make merchandise more visible and add interest to your countertop. There are many great display options out there, depending on what products you want to feature.

Assess what products you think would sell the best on your countertop. We recommend switching out products and strategically placing these display fixtures. They can stand alone or as a group display. Light accents such as tube lights can add emphasis. If you are not using one of these displays on your countertop, try moving it to another location in the store. It will keep you and your customers from getting bored.

Tuesday Tip: Creating Displays that Sell

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

In any clothing store, the way you display your merchandise can make or break your store. You have to walk a fine line between showing off each garment and having enough racks to hold all of your merchandise. So the answer to this dilemma is variety.

There are three main types of clothing displays, wall displays, floor racks and tables. Each needs to be used in order to create an effective flow to your store and to showcase your merchandise.

One thing to remember is that shopping is a visual experience. People gravitate into a store when they see something interesting. We recommend placing something similar to a three tiered table right at the entrance. Frame this table with a couple of mannequins dressed to the nines. Then stock the table with all the necessary items needed to replicate the mannequin’s outfit. The three tiers will allow you to easily separate clothing items while dynamically displaying color and fabric options.

Once a shopper is drawn into your store, their eyes gravitate toward items they can see. Make sure you have racks and wall displays that offer face out clothing that feed into the center of the store. People can’t see your merchandise when it is shoulders out. Have a variety of rack types and heights so that browsing is easy and interesting.

Alternate rack types, have a few four way racks, then intersperse two way racks, one rail racks and an occasional round rack. Round racks have no display options, so we suggest saving these racks for your clearance items to maximize that space. In between racks, break up the monotony with tables of folded items.

For your wall displays, remember that the average person cannot reach items high on the wall. Have items on face out displays up high with a shelf directly underneath with folded clothing. This will be much easier to access than clothes being behind the high display item. Most people will not ask an associate for assistance getting down an item. Then under than shelf, have a hang rail with a variety of sizes and colors.

One tactic that works fairly well is to group clothing styles or colors. By grouping all of the professional attire in one corner, fancy in another section and casual clothing in a different place, people are more likely to grab multiple separates that will mix and match to create entire ensembles.

So, if sales are lagging, try to rearrange your display racks and create a dominant display at the entrance to your store in order to bolster purchases.

What works best for your store?