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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday of the year to celebrate love. Each year people go out to dinner, purchase flowers, jewelry and other gifts to show how much they appreciate each other. It is also the one time of year you are encouraged to go big or go home! Store Supply Warehouse loves Valentine’s Day. We want to arm you with some fun statistics about the big day. We also want to encourage you to get creative with your packaging ideas and store displays to get your customers in the mood to shop for the ones they love.

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The average U.S. consumer spent around $116 on Valentine’s Day gifts, meals and entertainment in 2015 according to the  Retail Advertising and Marketing Association. Roughly 92 percent of married Americans with children will spend most of that money on their spouse.

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1 in 4 Valentine’s Day shoppers will buy flowers. 20% of all floral transactions happen during Valentine’s Day. 250 million roses get produced for Valentine’s Day. 40% of Valentine’s flower purchases are red roses. Red roses symbolize love.

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About 1 in 5 people will purchase jewelry as Valentine’s Day gifts and 9% of jewelry sold is diamond jewelry. Half of all marriage proposals take place on Valentine’s Day.


Almost 1/3 of Valentine’s Day shoppers procrastinate. 40% of those procrastinators believe it’s too late to find a deal after February 13th.


There is always a deal to be made. Make sure you do your best to get your customers into your store and leave with a great gift. We have all the store supplies you’ll need to promote your business including signage, jewelry displays, gift boxes and more.

Top 10 Items You Will Need For The Holidays

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Top 10 Items You Will Need For The Holidays

The biggest holiday season is upon us. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, make sure you take the time to assess your store supply needs. Every year we encourage you not to wait until the last minute to purchase these essentials. The last thing you want is to get caught in your store without product that you will certainly need to have at the ready.

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  1. Apparel Boxes-We carry a large selection of apparel boxes that are suitable for all types of products. Make sure you have one or more sizes available during this time of year. Customers have come to expect stores to have apparel boxes available for them to give out as they purchase products from your store.


  1. Gift boxes-We have four different sizes of gift boxes available in kraft and white. These are just like apparel boxes. Customers expect for you to have them during this time of year.


  1. Tissue Paper-Make sure you have tissue paper in popular colors and prints that are suitable for the Christmas season. We have some beautiful colors available in rich reds, silver, gold and green shades.


  1. Holiday themed Paper Bags-No Christmas season is complete without Christmas shopping bags. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you are getting into the spirit of the season by providing them a shopping bag featuring a Christmas pattern or color palette. We have so many options available so please pick something! We know your customers will love it.


  1. Custom Stickers-We have a huge selection of custom sticker options available for you on our website. You also have the option to upload a premade design if you like. Our turnaround time is quick and we have low, low minimums.


  1. Wood Hangers-We have a great selection of wooden hangers in an array of colors from bamboo to cherry. These are sold in packs of 50 so make sure you have all the hangers you need for any last minute seasonal clothing.


  1. Jewelry Boxes-We have two new colors White Kraft and Red that are perfect for the season. We also carry Silver and Gold jewelry boxes too. Pick up a case or two of any size that you need or purchase a 75 piece assortment of boxes in Silver or Gold.


  1. Tagging Guns -We have regular and fine SSW Tagging Guns and Economy Tagging guns in stock ready to ship out.  It is a retail staple and you will surely need a gun to tag any new inventory you may have.


  1. Tagging Gun Needles– If you purchase a tagging gun you MUST have replacement needles for your gun. Make sure you have all the fasteners you need as well. We carry clear and colored fasteners in 1 and 3 inch lengths.


  1. Sale Signs and Tags-You can never have enough signage to alert your customers of merchandise that is on sale. Sales can drive customers to explore your entire store and it’s also a great way to clear out excess inventory.