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Tulle Pom Pom Tutorial

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Tulle Pom Pom Tutorial

Pom Pom Tutorial


Tulle pom poms are one of the most popular do it yourself projects that is quick and easy to do. Pom Poms can be made in any size that you would like. For our tutorial, we made ours about 6″ in diameter. These can be made within 10-15 minutes. They look amazing hanging inside of a display window, on a feature wall or as part of a promotional display.

To create the pom poms you will need the following items:

Ribbon (click here for our entire collection)
A standard size magazine

pom pom tutorial

Step 1: Cut an 8″ piece of tulle  off of the roll.

Step 2: Take a roll of tulle and wrap it around a magazine across the front and around the back about 25 times for a standard thickness. If you would like a fuller look, continue to wind an additional 10-15 times.

Step 3: Slide the tulle down and off the magazine with both hands. Pinch the middle and take the loose 8″ piece of tulle and tie it around the bundle into a knot.

Step 4: On each end, trim away about an inch to make the ends even and straight.

Step 5: Fluff out the ends until you are satisfied with the shape of your pom pom.

Step 6: Cut a piece of curling, organza, gross grain or double faced satin ribbon at the desired length and tie it around the pom pom for hanging.

Tulle Sale Wreath Tutorial

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Tulle Sale Wreath Tutorial

Attracting customer attention to your store is one of the many challenges that business owners face each day. One of the most effective ways to overcome this is by getting creative in your store’s front window. Window display presentation is a wonderful way to express your creativity, while drawing people into your store. By utilizing your creativity, you can offer your customers a glimpse of the style they will see once they walk through your doors.

We have put together a fun, eye-catching tulle wreath tutorial that you can use to easily draw customer attention, either in a window display or once they are already in the store. With only a few supplies and your imagination, you can create something unique that can be used again and again. Inside of the tulle wreath, we designed signage that spells out SALE using the blank back side of our blue chevron boutique signage. We simply ran 4 signs through a printer vertically with each individual letter printed in the middle of the sign. We made diagonal cuts on each side to create an old-fashioned hang tag, punched a hole, and secured it to the wreath with fishing line.  Our complete line of tulle is available here.


Holiday Ribbon, Bows and More

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Holiday Ribbon, Bows and More 


The holidays are upon us and whether you are wrapping gifts for your customer or yourself, Store Supply has all the packaging supplies you will need. We carry a complete line of packaging products in all the popular colors of the season.

We have several styles of ribbon. We have curling ribbon available in 18 colors including pink, red and jungle green. Our curling ribbon is sold on a convenient 500 yard spool for an incredible price of $1.95 each. Don’t forget to pick up our curling ribbon dispenser. This dispenser holds up to 12 spools and can help you stay organized. Our 3/4″ poly ribbon provides a great finish to your wrapped gifts. We offer poly ribbon in 250 yard rolls in 18 colors including  red, silver and gold for $6.95 each. Our double face satin and grosgrain are available in 100 yard spools starting at $7.95 per roll. Our organza ribbon is on a 200 yard spool for $6.95 per roll.

Our pull bows are a perfect finish to any gift. They are so easy to use and are prepackaged in boxes of 50. We carry 14 colors that compliment all of our ribbon choices. Be sure to check out our tissue paper collection, gift and apparel boxes too. It’s still not too late to get your packaging products ordered today!

Ribbons and Bows

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Ribbons and Bows


Summertime is here and it’s time to get in there and have some fun! What better way to do that than with packaging! We have some great packaging products that will liven up any plain box or bag. We have matte and pearlized raffia that works well with tulle.  We carry over 30 different colors of raffia that will compliment with any color. Make a statement with our  ribbon. We have 5/8″ double face satin, grosgrain and organza ribbon in all the latest fashion colors. Our poly ribbon is 3/4″ and come in 18 different colors. We also have curling ribbon and pull bows to complete the look. Don’t forget your gift and apparel boxes. We have lots of popular sizes in white and kraft.


All New Products

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

All New Products

We have a brand new catalog and with that comes new product. We have over 200 new items that we can’t wait for you to see. We are going to highlight a few of them now.



Holiday bags during the Christmas season adds such a nice touch that your customers will love. We know they will work great in any type store. We’ve added two new styles Large Hearts and Trees which features a vibrant whimsical pattern and Vintage Christmas which is a nod to a more vintage style of Christmas. Both are brown Kraft style paper shopping bags with a color pattern.

Pull Bows

Our pull bows were introduced last year however we have added several new colors to our line up. Our new colors include lime, burgundy and orange just to name a few. They are sold in packs of 50 for 14.75 per pack. That breaks down to just .30 each!

Tissue Paper

We have a whole new line up of tissue papers available in solids and patterns. In addition to adding in new colors and styles, we now offer them in packs of 120 sheets. We have all of our tissue priced out very affordable starting at $8.50 per pack for solids and 19.50 for patterns. Make sure you pick up some of each and mix and match them for a unique look!


Our tulle has been one of our best sellers in our packaging collections. We know you love it so much that we’ve added some fun new colors. We now have black, turquoise, tan and lemon yellow. We want you to get them all and at $1.95 for 25 yards we are sure you will get one of each!

Please visit our Pinterest boards for product ideas and inspiration. You now have two chances to win $100 with us on Facebook. You are automatically entered if you “like” us and if you take our quick survey about your experience with us, this will give you a second chance at winning! Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Google+ for up to date info on products and retail trends.