Tuesday Tip: Employee Theft Prevention

Last week’s tips will help keep customers from stealing, but a trickier situation is how to cut back on employee theft without openly distrusting your employees. Discouraging employee theft takes some finesse, but can be accomplished by employing a couple of techniques.

  • Prior to hiring any employee, check their references completely. And make sure to ask for legitimate professional references. If you see any red flags, follow your gut and move on to the next potential employee.
  • Institute regular cash register policies. Count down drawers at the end of every employee’s shift, don’t share cash drawers and do standard mid shift audits. If you make these techniques policies, they will keep your employees honest because they know they can be caught. At the same time, make sure you keep the rules standard for all employees so it doesn’t seem like you are playing favorites.
  • Rotate schedules. Work with every employee at different times. And make sure employees work with all different employees. Many times, employees steal in teams, so by breaking up routine, it is harder to establish these bad habits.
  • Have employees step up as part of customer theft prevention. If your employees know that you are serious about preventing customer theft, they will know that you are serious about any type of theft.
  • Compare sales receipts to inventory often to discover any shortages.
  • Have employees use the front door. Items are more likely to sneak out the back. By having employees exit through the front exit, they will pass sensors and your watchful eyes.

By employing consistent policies and keeping an eye on your employees, you can help keep your merchandise and money from leaving in your employees’ bags.

How do you prevent employee theft in your store?

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Employee Theft Prevention”

  1. An unamed poster says:

    A great technique used to catch employees stealing is hidden cameras. These are effective devices used to monitor and record activities in warehouses, retail space, and office areas. There are many cameras on the market today and the technology is extremely advanced and allows very simple set up and installation. Many hidden cameras have built in DVR’s so everything needed to record is self contained and uses a SD card so the data can be easily transferred to your computer for viewing. There are also hidden cameras available that are built into fully functional business and industrial fixtures such as a exit signs or emergency lights.

  2. Store Supply Guy says:

    This is an interesting idea. However, I think that it is required by law that your employees know that they are being recorded. Does anyone out there have any input on the legal issues surrounding hidden cameras?