Save On All Of Our Hangers

March 4th, 2015

Save On All Of Our Hangers

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We are inviting you to save big with our hanger selection. We have wonderful hangers at every price point available for your retail needs. It doesn’t matter what type of store or retail business you have we are confident that we have something that will work for you. Check out our current offering on our website and catalog.

Wood Hangers are a stylish and sophisticated way to display your merchandise. We have a variety of colors available in cases of 50. Each of these finishes are available for 17″dress and 14″pant hangers. We also offer oak hangers for outerwear, suit and children’s clothing.

Boutique Hangers add an extra style element to your clothing. Our damask hangers are exclusive to Store Supply Warehouse and feature a damask influenced cut out design. Try using these types of hangers with blouses or intimate apparel to really make your product stand out. They are offered in pink or black for tops or bottoms in cases of 50. Black Velvet Hangers are a wonderful choice too. These hangers take up less space and allow for merchandise to stay on the hanger due to the velvet finish.

Plastic Hangers come in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices. We have plastic dress hangers available in 10, 14 and 17″ sizes.  We offer 8″, 11 and 12 plastic hangers for pants and skirts. These hangers are available in cases of 100 to 250 per case depending on the style. Plastic hangers are economical and suitable for a wide range of retail needs.

Don’t forget to add a hanger stacker. These are wonderful for wrangling in all the hangers that you have. They are designed to work best with 17″ plastic hangers.

We Have Great Prices On All Of Our Clothing Racks

February 25th, 2015

We Have Great Prices On All Of Our Clothing Racks

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Store Supply Warehouse has all your store supply essentials. We have a large selection of clothing racks for all types of needs big and small. We are confident that we have a rack that will work within your budget and meet your needs. We have all of our racks together on our website in the Clothing Racks section. Here you will find a huge selection of racks ranging from single rail black and chrome to heavy duty z-trucks.

Our rolling racks are among the most popular that we carry. We have several types that feature a sturdy design and several finish options. These racks come standard with casters (wheels). They typically hold about 125+ pounds of merchandise. Our heavy duty z-truck has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

We also have racks that can handle a single garment for display or many articles of clothing suitable for round racks, 2- way, 3-way and 4-way racks.  If you need displays for accessories, look no further and give our handbag, hat or scarf racks a try.

We Have A Bag That Fits Your Every Need

February 16th, 2015

We Have A Bag That Fits Your Every Need


One of the most essential items that you will need for your store or show is merchandise bags. We have all sorts of bags for whatever product that you would want to use the bags for. We have a large selection of bags that range from basic plastic bags to boutique shopping bags. We are confident that we have a bag that will fit your budget and retail needs. Here are some of our top picks for your consideration.

1. T-shirt Handle Bags- Our t-shirt handle bags are offered in several sizes and colors. Our popular red and white thank you bags have been a favorite for many years. These bags are offered in cases of 500 or 1000 depending on the bag size. Make sure you check out our animal print and eco-friendly versions of these bags.

2. High/Low Density Merchandise Bags- High and Low density bags are very basic and useful plastic bags. They are available in several sizes and a variety of colors. High density bags are a thinner less expensive bag.  These bags are available with or without handles depending on the size. These bags are ideal for lightweight to medium weight items. Low density bags are a thicker plastic bag with handles. The bags are ideal for light to heavier weight items. We offer these bags in cases of 500.

3. Kraft/White Shopping Bags- Kraft and white shopping bags are among the most versatile bags we offer. These make an attractive gift bag when used along with ribbon, bows or raffia. We offer these bags in several sizes and case quantities ranging from 100 to 250 depending on the size of the bag chosen.

4. Patterned Shopping Bags- We have a beautiful selection of patterned shopping bags. These can be used for gift bags or bags for products to be placed inside of. It is always a good idea to offer a patterned bag as an alternative to a plain one. A patterned bag is an easy way to set yourself apart from other shops especially if you add a custom sticker or tag.

5. Plastic Frosty Shoppers- A frosty shopper is an opaque bag with a hardboard bottom for extra support. These bags are beautiful and affordable. We offer the bags in cases of 25 and 100 in a variety of different colors and three sizes. We offer patterns and solid colors and they are great for a wide range of uses including bridal, infant and gift.

Check out ALL of our bags here on our website. We know that you will want to pick up a case today!

You Still Have Time To Prep For Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2015

You Still Have Time To Prep For Valentine’s Day


You still have time to prep for Valentine’s Day. Just in case you need  a reminder, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, February 14th. As with any other holiday there is always the last minute mad dash to get last minute gifts. For some people, this is the best time to shop for bargains and get the best deals. We have a lot of products available in stock that can be shipped right away and arrive at your doorstep just in time! Here is a short list of Valentine’s Day holiday essentials that you may have need.

1. Frosty Shopping Bags- We have a great selection of frosty shopping bags. These are available in solid colors and prints. We sell our bags in cases of 25 and 100. They feature a 3 mil plastic body and hardboard insert in the bottom for extra stability.

2. Organza Bags- Organza bags are always a great idea for a gift purchase. An organza bag adds a soft, romantic touch to any item that you could traditionally put into a regular paper or plastic bag. Organza bags are great for candles, jewelry, lingerie and other small items. We offer our bags in 3 sizes and are available in 10 different colors.

3. Ribbons, Bows and Raffia- Ribbons, bows and raffia can really punch up a package, bag or other gift item. We offer our pull bows, curling ribbon, organza ribbon, satin ribbon and raffia in lots of beautiful colors and finishes. Check out our selection here.

4. Tissue Paper- Tissue Paper is a great finish for wrapping around gifts inside of apparel boxes or to adds pops of color to shopping bags and gift bags. We offer variety packs, premium solids and prints that will compliment any color.

5. Boxes-We offer all types of different boxes for your gifting needs. We have apparel boxes, gable boxes, bakery boxes, and gift boxes sold in cases and available in different colors and sizes.

Come and See Us At The Dallas Market Center

February 10th, 2015

Come and See Us At The Dallas Market Center 

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Store Supply Warehouse will be returning to the Dallas Market Center. We are excited to present our latest products for you at the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market on March 25-28. From classic looks to contemporary edge, the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market showcases the very best in apparel and accessories. Our booth is located on Temps Floor 12, Booth #4212.

Come out and join us to enter our free raffle. You could win a spa/custom products package. We will also offer show discounts on all orders, and promotional giveaways at the booth! We have some of our latest products on display for you to experience up close and personal. We will be featuring our boutique scarf rack, economy dressmaker form, hangers and lots of packaging products.

There are so many wonderful reasons to stop by so please don’t miss out! Pick up our latest free catalog. You can always receive the latest up to date product information on We are currently featuring some great deals in our Reduced Price section. Orders placed on our website before 3pm, Monday through Friday, will ship the same day and arrive within 1 to 3 business days.